Pace Lubin


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Opening remarks by Prof. Bruce Bachenheimer


Introduction to Gamification by Prof. Carmine Guida


Augmented Reality by Dhruv Gandhi


Mobile Usability by prof. Haik Sahakian


First Place - NutriBattles



Professor Haik Sahakian discusses mobile app usability to kick off the design contest.


Professor Carmine Guida covers one of the hackathon themes: gamification.


Doctoral student Dhruv Gandhi discusses the other hackathon theme: augmented reality.


Students beginning their brainstorming session for app design.


Swapnil holds up a test frame for his group's augmented reality application.


A student outlines user flow in their application.


Ankit opens his groups presentation on their environmental application.


First place - NutriBattles.


Second place - Kinder AR.


Third place - Thrash it.