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 Leadership Perspectives


Daniel Papes, President & Chief Commercial Officer, sndr

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019
1:20 pm to 4:20 pm
1 Pace Plaza,
Pace University, New York City Campus, NY 10038


Daniel Papes will talk to Entrepreneurship Implementation students about Perspective on Sales, and Leadership Perspectives which are important factors to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Daniel Papes, President & Chief Commercial Officer, sndr

Dan has more than 30 years of unique experience in the technology industry, including serving as a Section 16 Officer of a $36B public company, Digital Realty, the largest Data Center REIT in the world. Known as an inspiring leader, turnaround expert, and “corporate entrepreneur”, he has worked for IBM (27 years), Westcon Group (a $6B IT distributor), Siemens Networking Systems (President, North America), and Mainspring (a pre and post IPO ecommerce consulting company). Among his achievements include leading the acquisition of Mainspring by IBM, launching IBM’s e-commerce cloud/hosting business, creating a venture capital funded business inside the IBM portfolio named Mobile Enterprise Services, transforming the culture of Digital Realty from a real estate company to a customer-centric solutions provider while doubling sales volumes, and turning around a rapidly declining business for Siemens Networking to generate double digit growth. Dan has a BA from Vanderbilt University.