Pace Lubin


Photos and Highlights from
The Fifth Annual Business Plan Competition
Special Presentations and Awards Ceremony
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


[Aaron Mandelbaum]
Aaron Mandelbaum - Umoja U

>> Read Aaron Mandelbaum's biography and Executive Summary.
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<p>Business Plan Contest]
Magda Rybicki, Lubin's Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at the registration table greeting Gary Sharma, Founder & CEO of Silicon Alley Reporter
Joseph Baczko, Dean of the Lubin School of Business, welcoming the audience and participants   [Pace Business Plan Contest]
[Pace Business Plan Contest]   Rumit Mehta, Pace alumni (MBA '03) and founding partner of Safari Ventures, the event sponsor
Keynote Speaker Mark Walton, Executive Vice President of the Africa Channel   [Pace Business Plan Contest]
[Pace Business Plan Contest]
Robert Rugelis and Anna Geller, Pace MBA students who spoke about building business capacity in Tanzania
  [Pace Business Plan Contest]
[Pace Business Plan Contest]   Aaron Mandelbaum, a Pace MBA student and the Overall Winner of the Fifth Annual Pace Business Plan Competition. Click to read Aaron Mandelbaum's biography and Business Plan Executive Summary.
[Pace Business Plan Contest]
Archana Shah, an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley and one of the competition Judges, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, organizer of the Pace Business Plan Competition
[Pace Business Plan Contest]
Audience members listening to Keynote Speaker Mark Walton.