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Beer Pong Cooling Rack
Our invention is a cooling rack designed for the game of beer pong. Beer pong is a game in which plastic solo cups are aligned in groups of 6 in the shape of a triangle. Players in teams of 2 on opposite sides of a table attempt to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing teams cups. If the ball lands in a team's cup, they must drink the contents.

Two of the major problems facing the game of beer pong are that the cups tend to be knocked over, and the beer tends to become warm. Because the game is played with lightweight, plastic solo cups, they are easily knocked over and spilled. This makes cleaning the game up a significant hassle to the person or bar that is hosting the game. Additionally, beer pong is usually played in a crowded and enclosed environment that tends to get hot. This causes the beer in the cups to get warm over the course of the game. As one could imagine, drinking warm beer quickly is extremely undesirable.

Our rack solves both these problems associated with beer pong. It resembles the triangle in a game of pool except that there is a solid bottom panel and a top panel that has 6 holes for the cups to fit in. The holes are measured so that the cups maintain the 6 cup triangle formation. The structure keeps the cups perfectly aligned so that the game is played with the greatest convenience and prevents them from being knocked over. Additionally, within the hollow rack, are 6 rings of small icepacks designed to surround each cup individually. They will be in flexible strips and arranged in circles in the same formation as the cups are arranged. The hollow rack will be plastic and the top can be removed so that the icepack rings can be removed and frozen before game play.




Since beer pong is immensely popular, the number of potential customers is huge, but the number of competitors is currently small. Our marketing strategy is to introduce the product by giving it to bars when they host beer pong tournaments and hope it will generate interest in the local area amongst college students and recent graduates. Exposure through the bars will most likely be the best form of advertising in order to make individual sales to Fraternity houses and individuals.

[Peter Steube]Peter Steube and Ryan Wynne are sophomores at Villanova University. They are both in the Villanova School of Business. Ryan is pursuing a degree in Finance and Peter is pursuing a degree in Accountancy. They are active members on the Men's Club Lacrosse team and volunteers for the Special Olympics. Ryan is a member of Gamma Phi Honor Society and Peter is a member of the Villanova Accounting Society. They are working with Doctors Klingler and Hurley of the Villanova Entrepreneur Department in an attempt to gain a patent for their idea.
[Ryan Wynne] They are both graduates of Yorktown High School and members of the National Honor Society. They were both members of the Yorktown Varsity Lacrosse team. Ryan was the Captain of the Varsity Football team and Peter was captain of the Varsity Soccer team. They are both excited to pursue their venture and hope to see it realized in the near future. is a rapidly-growing community information network, starting with the college demographic. We've combined the user-generated content of a wiki, the utility of Yahoo answers, and the viral features of e-mail.

We launched in April, and since have succeeded in the 3 crucial areas of traction: depth, breadth, and loyalty.

Depth: our unique visitors, intra-school, are doubling every 6 weeks.
Breadth: in our first 4 months, 200 schools were requested. In our last month alone, another 200 schools were requested.
Loyalty: Our unique visitors return over 17 times per month - this ranks their loyalty 5th highest of the major social networks, higher than hi5, imeem, tagged, and more.

Example sites are at:,, and



We're now raising financing to take the concept the success we've achieved with our first 200 "beta" schools and expand to over 1,000 schools nationwide by April.

[Joe DiPasquale]Joe DiPasquale has a background in Strategy Consulting, where he worked for IBM Business Consulting Services, Bain, and McKinsey. His entrepreneurial experience includes work on a yet-to-launch channel for MTV Networks, a newly-founded pet supplies company, and the since-sold His venture capital experience includes work for Venturepark Investors. His seemingly northeastern background belies a youth in Alabama and work experience in Berlin and Amsterdam, but he will maintain he grew up in Connecticut, went to college at Harvard, and lived in New York City before joining the Entrepreneur Club at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The MouthShop
Where do you usually buy your toothpaste? Is there truly a variety of brands and flavors offered to you? Just picture a walk though the aisles of Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS, which are the most common places for buying toothpaste. You walk through the shampoo or deodorant section and your variety is endless. You walk over to get your toothpaste, and you see a space of about 2'x2' and a maximum of 10 brand choices with about 12 flavor choices.

Most people buy their toothpaste in the pharmacy as a necessary product that brings no excitement or pleasure to using it. Our mouths are very powerful parts of our body as they contain one of the five senses where we can taste, while receiving satisfaction. The industry for toothpaste is underdeveloped and there is much room for growth as the market is huge. Everyone uses toothpaste (hopefully everyone).

The MouthShop Company will begin by launching toothpaste in exotic flavors which will trigger the taste buds as well as freshen breath. The toothpaste will be launched in 5 flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Banana and Watermelon, with more flavors to follow. The toothpaste will be made of high quality ingredients: organic with whitening and cavity protection formulas.

The toothpaste will be launched as a premium product with exclusive rights to Sephora for the first year. That will provide the MouthShop with the opportunity to introduce the product to the market as well as position it as a high quality, luxury product while saving money on space and marketing.

After the exclusive rights are up, the MouthShop will open flagship locations in New York, Miami, Chicago and LA. The MouthShop products will also be available online at The stores will provide a luxury and interactive environment where customers will be able to mix their own combinations of flavors. The stores will also carry mouthwashes, toothbrushes, floss and travel/carry pouches so that people will never leave home without the MouthShop products.

"MouthShop will provide a truly unique experience with a high quality product for individual tastes and healthy teeth!"


[Anna Geller]

Anna Geller was born in Odessa, Ukraine and immigrated with her family to America at 6 years old. Anna studied at the Academy of Finance while she was in high school. Every class that dealt with Management/Leadership became a part of her life. Anna took her knowledge outside of the classroom and applied it in different organizations such as SIFE and IVE. In IVE, she became the CEO of her company. In SIFE, she developed projects for which her team became Regional Champions. She received the "President's Student Service Award" from President Bush and "The Service Leadership Award" from Tom Coughlin (President and CEO, Wal-Mart) and Alvin Rohrs (President and CEO, SIFE). After college, she worked for Thomson Financial where she was awarded the "Thomson Outstanding Performers Award." She later joined Deutsche Bank as a Controller. Anna's entrepreneurial spirit never died while she worked in the corporate world, and she started her own business ( She continues to lead a busy life, obtaining her MBA, working in the corporate world, running her current businesses, and seeking out new opportunities. Her latest accomplishment was being a Dream Team member and challenge consultant for Donald Trump's "Apprentice 7."

Paria-Glide Adventure
Located in the northern range of Trinidad, Paria is the perfect location to develop a zip line and elevated obstacle course. Zip lining, also known as canopy tours, allows the adventurer to be surrounded by the wonders of nature whilst flying across the jungle. Participants put on a harness with a carabineer that is attached to a wheel on a cable strung between trees. They then push off from a platform on one tree and zip along the cable to a platform on another tree, moving from platform to platform throughout the tour. Imagine participants can be 20 to 80 feet off the ground, literally flying between the trees and over streams at heights where birds and monkeys can be found. On platforms, guides will identify specific flora and wildlife indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to beginning the course, a thorough demonstration and short low level practice course will be used so participants can become familiar with the equipment to ensure safety. On platforms, guides will double check equipment set up before participants leave the platform, once again ensuring the safety of our patrons.

Currently, there is no company in Trinidad and Tobago providing this form of extreme adventure opportunity. Being the first in this arena is an advantage, but even more crucial is the enormous savings on the initial cash investment, as I already own the land for the project. We would like to provide the "ultimate eco-adventure" to the middle to upper class local market including young locals into extreme sports. In addition, we also want to tap in to the tourist industry by an attracting the cruise ship market and eco-tourism traveler market. Lastly, we intend to target the corporate market, by highlighting the benefits of team building using trust activities provided at Paria Glide. Moreover, Paria has a waterfall in close proximity to the main site as well as many beautiful secluded beaches. After developing the zip line course this area can be further developed to offer other types of tours such as hiking, mountain biking, and beach excursions, which gives Paria-Glide Adventure room for growth.


[Ross Charbonne]

Ross Charbonne is originally from Trinidad and Tobago and grew up in an entrepreneurial family, with both parents owning and starting their own businesses. After graduating high school and working in the family business for two years, Ross decided he was ready to embark on the next stage of his life. Subsequent to much searching for the college with the right fit, he decided to attend Pace University on the Pleasantville campus for his undergraduate degree. During his freshman year at Pace, Ross joined the tennis team and was awarded the "North East 10 Third Team Men's All Conference" in 2004 and 2005 for doubles and singles, respectively. In his third and final year of undergrad, he was a Resident Assistant in Dow Hall. The skills he learned while being an RA continually help him as he continues on the path of life. In May 2005, Ross graduated in front of his family and friends with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Business with Cum Laude distinction. After graduation, Ross worked for a year as the IT Manager at Inergy Group LLC. in Wilton, CT and made the decision to return to school. He is currently in his final year of his MBA at Pace University, concentrating in Financial Management. He is due to graduate in Mid-July to embark on his next journey.

TrackPay offers business owners a unique service, which allows them to receive payments without hassle or confusion. Often, companies receive wire payments and checks from sources without a description. Without remittance information, cash may not be applied correctly (i.e. a payment comes in but it doesn't state that the payment is for that particular invoice). It is then their job to track down the client to find out what the payment is for. The process could be time consuming.

Whenever a company receives a payment without the proper information, they will be able to scan in the check or wire through a special scanner provided by TrackPay, which will convert the data to TrackPay's database. The more often they use the service the more efficient it becomes for both parties.

TrackPay will compile a database of all the vendors and clients of their customers. Whenever a request for information is sent, the employees at TrackPay will investigate and retrieve the missing information by examining what the payment was made for. This information will be added to the database for later use and then sent to the client either electronically or by any other means that they prefer.

This service is useful for both small and large companies. The advantage for large companies is hours saved for the employees working in the accounting department. Employers will be able to reduce their payroll by having to hire fewer employees due to the Accounts Receivable staff performing more efficiently. Small businesses will benefit because these companies usually involve the owner doing a lot of the actual payment research. Since the owner's time will be greatly reduced pertaining to this task, the owner will be able to spend more time focusing on other aspects of the business.

By compiling an extensive database of clients and vendors, TrackPay will be able to offer other services in the future, such as making payments on behalf of our clients. TrackPay's goal is to assist the accounting departments of companies, not to replace them. However, for any company wishing to outsource their accounting tasks, TrackPay will be seeking to accommodate them in the future. Trackpay feels that there is great room for improvement in the area of accounting, and we are seeking to improve it through our unique approach of payment investigations.


Harry Brodsky holds a BS in Information Systems with a concentration in Economics from Pace University. He was a data analyst at Bank of America Securities for 2 years where he was responsible for programming report programs that translated the FX gains and losses of international stocks trades and bond prices. He is now responsible for various accounting/financial responsibilities at Viacom.
[Ricky Huy La]Ricky Huy La is a Technology Service Analyst at Columbia University, where he is pursuing a Master's in Technology Management. He earned a BS in Information Systems with a concentration in Technology Systems from Pace University. Ricky's goal is to successfully manage a technology venture.
[Yury Shteyman]Yury Shteyman is a project manager of the NYC Department of Transportation. During the past 5 years, Mr. Shteyman has headed several beneficial projects with the NYPD, Telecom franchises, as well as other entities ranging in wireless data transmission, GIS, Intranet design, logistics, and database management. He holds a BS in Information Systems with a concentration in Technology systems from Pace University.

            [Dmitry Voller]Dmitry Voller holds a BA in Psychology and Human Relations from Pace University, where he was a leader heavily involved in extracurricular activities. He served on the executive board of his fraternity and the Greek Organizations Council. He now holds a management and sales position in one of New York City's leading Laundromat parts and service companies.




Team Blue Chip - New Business Concept Alternate is a niche social networking community where student athletes and collegiate coaches can interact and communicate. Users are able to create profiles containing all of their vital information and statistics as well as pictures and digital videos of themselves in action. When a coach decides he would like to recruit a student athlete he can simply look the athlete up, gain information that he needs to make educated decisions, and communicate using our e-mail system. Both athletes and coaches will also be able to use their homepages as a way to track progress, keep calendared events, take notes, search the network, and communicate. is currently only available to college/university baseball programs across the country, with forty-two coaches in the network and twenty-seven athletes.


The service is free for users, with revenue generated from banner advertising and Google Ad-Sense. We will look to expand into additional sports in 2008 as well as a system to create unique networks on an individualized university basis, charging a yearly subscription/maintenance fee. We will also explore possibilities within the professional sports world, for teams to use during their draft process and player development process.

[Stephen O'Sullivan]Stephen O'Sullivan is a recent MBA graduate from the Pace University New York City campus and also has a Bachelor's of Science from Marist College. Stephen is currently a project manager in his family operated construction company based in New York City, which specializes in Brownstone and Town House restorations. Prior to his current position, Stephen spent two years at Standard and Poor's as an analyst in the securities pricing arm of the company. After graduating from college Stephen spent two years playing professional baseball with both the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers organizations before his career ended due to injury. He currently lives in the Bronx with his fiancée and is pursuing the development of