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Joe and Go
With technology becoming such an important aspect of our daily lives, it should be used to its fullest extent, in order to make our daily routine easier. This created the idea of Joe and Go, a coffee shop that will dominate the market because of its novel concept that makes a morning cup of coffee convenient and hassle free, with no wait, and no fuss.
This business is based on its online Web site, where individuals can make an account for the coffee shop. There, they can pick their coffee, including all personal preferences, and payment method, which is either entering a credit card or a bank account. Then, whenever, wherever, they can text or email their coffee order into the Joe and Go of their choice, based on the number offered online, which will appear on the screen at the coffee shop. There the barista will make the order, and the customer simply has to drop by and pick it up at an outside window. The order will automatically be charged to the individual's account.

To begin, this will initially be available to businesses in Manhattan only, offering substantial discounts to employees and catering services to the company for corporate events. The eye-catching logo, displayed on the storefronts and products will be enough to attract individuals on the street. Also, there will be extensive online advertising to promote the coffee shop, such as newsletters for members, advertising on sites particular to New York like , and the opportunity for members to send introductory offers to friends and family. Furthermore, it will team up with Facebook to attract millions of young students, initially those residing in the city, to the coffee shop. This age group is important to target as the business develops, for they are the most attached to the technological world we live in.

Other coffee shops provide ambience and comfort along with their product, but don't offer the speed and convenience that can only be found at Joe and Go. Under my command, for my knowledge of the business world and being a college student, it can attract over a thousand customers in 3 weeks, and only grow as more coffee shop sites are established nationally, beginning in other urban settings, then around colleges, in airports, and eventually spread worldwide. Its introduction to the world will completely change the idea of a cup of coffee forever.


[Nicole Cardoza]

Nicole Cardoza is a sophomore at Pace University, currently double majoring to attain two BBAs: International Management with a concentration in Asia and Finance. She is a member of the Honors College, and a tutor for the English Language Institute. She also works part time in the hospitality field. She has developed her knowledge in the business field by working at an internship at Judy Ross Textiles over the summer, as well as being an active member in her business classes during the academic year. There, she learned about many aspects of a small business, particularly marketing and establishing a greater customer base in the competitive market. She came up with her business concept while waiting in line at Starbucks, and hopes to open her own coffee shop someday in the near future. In her spare time, she likes to pursue her hobbies of technology, languages, travelling, fashion, and music.

Loan to Help
The idea is simple, and originally inspired from the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus who introduced micro-financing in Bangladesh. As it has become almost inevitable that the world is indeed facing a recession, or at least an economic slowdown, people are losing their jobs, demand for basic goods and services are decreasing and banks are more reluctant to lend out money. Two main reasons as to why banks are less willing to lend out money have been identified: the main reason being that they lack the liquidity they once had. Assets, such as mortgages and stocks, are shrinking in value because there is (as previously mentioned) a general decrease in demand for most goods. Consumer confidence for companies is also at an all-time low. The second reason is a fear amongst banks that people won't be able to pay back their loans.

When banks are unwilling to lend out money it creates a "bump" in the economic activity, a problem that the FED can't solve by lowering interest rates one more time because they are low already, companies and people need to be able to take loans in order to pay their employees' salaries and to make more investments in their current (or another) company to create more job-opportunities. A loan from a bank can also function as a short-term solution, if a company is for example lacking cash-flow at a certain point in time, but their balance sheet shows that they can afford to pay back a loan.

The idea is to create a Web site where private persons lend out money to each other. People who are willing to lend out money, choose themselves what interest rate they wish to get back on their loans. It then works like an auction; if another person is willing to lend out that same amount to a lower level of interest, they then post their rate of interest and the borrower can choose.

The idea would work because it is a possibility for people who traditionally make their money on the stock-market, but now feels that it has become too volatile and unstable.
There are already Web sites offering these kinds of loans, but our competitive edge would be to take a much smaller percentage of the interest paid back to the loan-giver.

Leonard Schaltz is a 2nd year university student at Pace. He recently transferred from The International University of Monaco (IUM). Before enrolling at IUM he spent six months in Shanghai studying Mandarin and working for a newly started trading company. His work experience ranges from the aforementioned trading, to internships at a well-known Swedish betting-company. He will most likely pursue a career within the field of economics or become a management major.

Gustaf Svensson is a 2nd year student at Pace. He is a Hotel & Management major, with two years of experience from the hotel industry in Miami. Gustaf comes from a family of old traditions in the foresting-industry. Gustaf however decided early on that the field wasn't for him and that he wanted to pursue a career within the field of hospitality. He considers himself a people-person, one who is good at reading people and understanding their needs. This characteristic is something that he is able to apply in all aspects of life.

Nightclub in New Hampshire
The upper-valley consists of the largest medical center in New England, Dartmouth College, and thousands of other working individuals, all of whom are bored of the current selection of restaurants/bars to hang out at night and on the weekends. Individuals will no longer feel as though there is "nothing to do" once a decent nightclub is established in town. The competition is very fair and the market is in high demand. During economic hardships, the number one business that succeeds are those containing alcoholic drinks, thus making it an O.K. time to open such a business.

The whole idea of opening a nightclub is to serve individuals in a fashion where they are successfully able to leave their work, problems, etc. at home and enjoy themselves for the current moment. Special performances and events will bring new activities to the upper- valley along with allow individuals to look forward to something in the near future. The area of New Hampshire and Vermont this club will be catering towards is not well known for performances or events that go above and beyond. This club will allow people to enjoy events in their home-town rather than having to travel long distances to attend events.

Description of Market
The Nightclub should be very sleek and yet appropriate for the area it caters to. This would mean there must be a decent dress code enforced yet at the same time is able to cater to those just getting off of work, including individuals in labor intensive careers. A proper dress code, accommodating environment, and overall enjoyable place for people to relax and enjoy themselves, is the true objective of opening a nightclub in New Hampshire. The upper- valley needs to be livened up. Current residents, students, visitors, and medical professionals (generally those between the ages of 21 to 34) are finding themselves bored and stir-crazy because of the mere fact of having no good place to meet people or just hang out with friends.

The industry itself contains about 50,000 locations with combined annual revenue of about $15 billion. There are no major companies that dominate the market in this industry. The top 50 largest companies hold little over 5% of sales. (Hoovers) Ventures into this kind of industry are relatively easy if done correctly. Light competition is always good but heavy competition especially that which is dominating the market is not good for business. Opening a nightclub in the rural town of Lebanon, New Hampshire may dominate the market and therefore become extremely successful. Once popular and well known, the town could have more entrepreneurs interested in starting up a business of their own there. All of which could allow the upper-valley to bloom.

Optimism is high within this business due to the availability of a decent market share, high demand, and opportunity to grow. All of these will allow for the business to see quick and steadily growing returns. All of this is the reason I believe my idea for a nightclub in my home-town of Lebanon, NH will be successful.

My name is Taisha Heimberg, I am currently a senior in the Dyson School of Arts and Sciences finishing my major in Business Economics. I grew up in the rural town of Lebanon, New Hampshire; where my natural instinct of owning my own business grew strong. My parents have owned their own business for most of their lives and watching them live happily with their lifestyle business have always lead me to want to do similar. I love the city because growing up there was never really anything to do in my home-town, and visiting now has made me realize there is even less to do now that I am older. This is why I want to bring life to Lebanon, and this is where my inspiration has evolved.