Pace Lubin



Shawn Cicoria, Software Architect, Microsoft & Adjunct Professor, Pace University

Shawn Cicoria is a Open Source Software Architect for the Partner Catalyst Team in Developer Experience (DX) @ Microsoft; former Delivery Manager Microsoft Americas Solution Delivery Center. Working with distributed systems for nearly 2 decades focused on Capital Markets and Financial Systems, Insurance, Ecommerce solutions, with a significant focus on integration of complex heterogeneous distributed systems. Author and pursuing a Doctorate in Computer Science at Pace University where he is an Adjunct Professor.




Yiqiu Gao, Founder and CEO, Netaround

Yiqiu Gao, is an alumni of Pace Lubin School of Business and is the Founder and CEO of the tech startup, Netaround LLC. Netaround developed a social network mobile application that helps users to find and meet new people everywhere they go–circle up everyone in the same location based on a specific event or common interest. Yiqiu started her mobile application business from a simple idea to a fully functioned application by closely worked with her team to wireframe app functions and features, design UI/UX, and to code the app in both frontend and backend development. She has gained tremendous valuable experiences on creating mobile applications that not only help solve problems but also bring up great UI/UX designs that boost the user experience.


Diana Melara, Software Architect, Fox News

Diana Melara is a Software Engineer who was born in Honduras. She has a Master of Computer Science from Pace University. Always being curious and passionate about technology has led her to activities such as making a Google Glassware using the Mirror API, working with students from Aalto University in Finland on the Product Development Project, and becoming one of the co-founders of Intellibins, a company that helps New Yorkers recycle through mobile apps. Her latest employment focuses on developing web applications with Java at Fox News.



Haik Sahakian, Adjunct Professor, Pace University

Haik Sahakian is Director of Algomi's Front-End Development team in New York City. He has created mobile apps and sites for Morgan Stanley and Fidelity Investments. Haik is an Adjunct Professor at Pace University, teaching CS 641 Mobile Web Development, which covers JavaScript-based mobile app development, mobile graphics, and responsive web design.



John Shkolnik, Product Owner and Software Architect, Deloitte

John Shkolnik is a specialist leader with 16 years of professional technology experience. As a member of Deloitte’s financial technology practice, he harnesses hard-earned knowledge and skills accumulated at global companies like Deloitte, Bloomberg, and Dell -- as well as time spent at a private equity firm and a large conglomerate overseas. In addition to extensive technology experience, he has strong familiarity with accounting and financial topics such as securitization, fixed income, loan agenting, and cash forecasting.

John takes a very user-centric approach and focuses on the space where technology and business meet; ensuring everyone gets what they need as well as what is asked for. On the technology side, he spends his time turning raw ideas into usable new software and evolving existing products. On the business side, he provides customer support, training, and cash forecast modeling/reconciliation.