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Ten words: “Play the game. Get smarter in business and in life.”
FreshBiz is the game for the development of entrepreneurial & multi-dimensional thinking. The game was created by Ronen Gafni over a 6 year period (from 2004-2010), is meant for 3-4 players at a board, and is suitable for all ages.

FreshBiz is a game that fundamentally changes the way people play business and life, by simulating and then practicing new, creative methods of entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving to achieve their most vital goals. Learning the new lingo, language, and distinctions enrich the prism through which people conduct themselves.

Through its game-based learning, participants travel through the game on a mission to be a winner, while gaining skills, understandings and strategies that not only help them to achieve the goals of the game, but also to excel in their lives.

Utilizing common business practices, and years of insights from entrepreneurs, FreshBiz uses tools such as buying/selling businesses, leveraging, negotiations, loans, business opportunities and much more to simulate a dynamic business environment. Simultaneously, relationships are created and the atmosphere of the room buzzes as participants engage in creative entrepreneurial, multi-dimensional thinking.

Research has shown that only 5% of information taught using old school methods is retained over time while 90% of experiential learning is retained. Game-based learning incorporates fun with real experience.

Insights gained during a 60-90 minute game last far into the future, as our participants claim that the game impacts them from the moment they play for the rest of their lives. There is a distinction between change and transformation. Working harder, doing something less, spending more time on something else are all examples of change, while transformation through FreshBiz is a total shift in paradigm and mind expansion.

Events in collaboration with FreshBiz

  • Book Signing Event
  • FreshBiz Entrepreneurial Thinking Workshop