Pace Lubin



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Ronen Gafni, the Creator and Founder, FreshBiz and Simcha Gluck, Founding Partner, FreshBiz signing the book "The New Entrepreneurz"

The Book Signing table

(from left)Simcha Gluck, Ronen Gafni and Zaid Dannsa, Market Research Analyst, FreshBiz

Alba Nushi, Student & Market Research Analyst, FreshBiz interacting with Simcha Gluck & Ronen Gafni

Pace students Alba Nushi & Zaid Dannsa recruited for FreshBiz as fellows with Simcha Gluck & Ronen Gafni

Simcha Gluck and Ronen Gafni speaking with event attendees

Students from Niso Abauf, Clinical Professor of Finance class attending the event


Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck in conversation with a student.

Ronen Gafni in conversation with an attendee.

Zaid Dannsa, Market Research Fellow, Freshbiz, Elena Woods, Event Manager, Entrepreneurship Lab and Nikhil Kalyankar, Associate Director, Entrepreneurship lab interacting at the event.

(from left) Sonali Sambherao, Web Developer, Entrepreneurship Lab and Elena woods, Event Manager, Entrepreneurship Lab at the event.

Professor Niso Abauf talking to his students about the book