Pace Lubin


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Students of the Entrepreneurial Implementation Course
Prof Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor of Management and Director of Entrepreneurship Lab
Somak Chattopadhyay, Partner at Tribecca Venture Partners
Robert Fuhrer, Nextoy LLC
Charles F. Ryan, Senior Vice President at HSBC
Garret Higgins presenting his business 'BasketballBrain'
Jonathan Prato presenting 'DoGood'
Alireza Vaziri presenting 'Do Good' with his partner Jonathan Prato
John Spanos explains his implementation of his business 'SecondCourse'
Daniel Gilbert and Shaun Wundrack talked about their application of 'SlipKuik Wax'
Roger Lee speaking about 'SWAG Bar'
Anthony Vivolo explains 'Torny Trade'
Peter Courtney presenting 'Wapsi 67 Brewing Company'
Nice way to end the presentation and impress the Panel