Pace Lubin


Danny Potocki, Founder, FINIS Ventures

He is passionate about shaping the next-generation of young entrepreneurs, and has collaborated with STARTUP-NY schools and corporate development partners to build special programs for students and working professionals. Danny runs the Westchester Tech Meetup, and serves as Co-Chair of the Westchester County Association’s Innovation Task Force, seeking to raise a startup fund with regional investors and assisting with the development of a $750MM broadband initiative. Recognized by Fortune 100 executives, global decision makers, and industry SMEs as an energetic leader who enables clients to achieve higher levels of performance, Danny holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and bachelor’s degree from Iona College. He resides in Eastchester, NY, with his wife and three children, and enjoys snowboarding and half-marathon training on backcountry trails in the Catskills.

Christine Roth, Economic Development Advisor

Christine Roth is currently an independent consultant specializing in international development, strategic planning and evaluation. Prior to becoming a consultant, she was the Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Capital Development Fund, an organization that provides support to 47 Least Developed Countries, offering finance models to unlock public and private resources to reduce poverty and support local economic development. She spent over 30 years with the United Nations and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), holding various managerial positions in strategic planning, finance and program evaluation. Ms. Roth has worked in several settings, including the UN Headquarters in New York, Country Offices in Eastern Europe, Central and South Asia and throughout Africa as well as the UN Peace Keeping Mission in Kosovo. Ms. Roth holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Development Economics from the University of Dakar, Senegal and an MBA from the Pace Lubin School of Business.

Jonathan M. Satovsky, Founder & CEO, Satovsky Asset Management, LLC.

Jonathan M. Satovsky is the founder of Satovsky Assets Management, LLC (SAM). Founded in 2007, SAM provides advice on over $1.3 billion in assets and manages more than $400 million. Prior, Jonathan spent more than 13 years at American Express Financial Advisors, joining the Chairman Advisory Council as one of the youngest top 10 advisors at the company. Jonathan recognizes that every client has a unique vision, goals, and preferences for their financial future. He offers a custom-tailored approach, aligning advice and portfolio structure to deliver financial peace of mind. He closely follows industry trends and technology developments, as part of a life-long emphasis on continuing education and professional evolution. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys life with his wife Stacey and their children Adam, Julia and Aerin.

Sandy Wollman, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Westchester Angels

Panelist for the following pitch events and provide honest, effective and colorful feedback to help start-ups improve their pitch so they can "Get to The Next Conversation";

  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program
  • Startupalooza Pitch Events
  • The Entrepreneur Forum
  • CorpStarter Star Show by Dragon Gate Investment Partners
  • CVG Investor and Entrepreneur Pitch Event
  • UVANY Hudson Valley Venture Forum
  • Quake Capital Investor Series
  • ACG Deal Tank

Professional experience includes:

Product Development Engineer- 3M Corp. Awarded US Patent #4454183 for hook and loop fastener with superior tensile strength & reduced raw material costs by 30%. Art Fry, inventor of Post-Its worked down the hall!

Small Business Owner- Partner, Carna Mills, a large textile converting company located in NYC's Garment Center. Clients included Ralph Lauren, Guess, Capital Mercury Shirt Company as well as some of the most difficult and unscrupulous business owners one can imagine! Traveled to India extensively over 25 years to source Indian Madras Fabrics.

Private Investor- Publically and privately owned companies. Experienced at interpreting candlestick charts.

Financial Planner- Active member of the Financial Planning Association, Co-Chair of large Financial Education Events at Westchester Community College.

Founder of a non-profit organization- Self-funded The Small Business Advisory Alliance, a 501(C)3 organization. Assembled fifteen volunteers to provide free, no strings attached, mentorship for small business owners in our community.