Pace Lubin



BioGenCell is an Israeli Stem Cell Startup company working with Laniado Hospital Sanz Medical Center in the City of Netanya that is developing a groundbreaking technology platform for automated production of patient-specific stem-cell-based therapies that enable physicians to successfully treat patients the day after diagnosis.

The lead product line is designed to treat vascular diseases typical of diabetes complications, with Critical Limb Ischemia the first step. The goal is to eliminate amputations and death as well as to improve functionality and quality of life in these patients.

This solution is expected to create a yearly market of more than $5B for the company while saving US Medicare at least $2B yearly.

As of April 2014 we have the US patent issued ( and our scientific article 'A Novel Potential Therapy For Vascular Diseases: Blood-Derived Stem/Progenitor Cells Specifically Activated By Dendritic Cells' is now published in Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews (

BioGenCell is entering clinical trials after successfully completing animal model studies that conclusively proved the concept behind the technology.

The initial clinical trials will be conducted at Laniado Hospital Sanz Medical Center in Netanya, Israel. The Medical Center was established in the 1970s by the Klausenberger Rebbe who vowed to build a hospital while surviving Auschwitz and the murder of his wife and 11 children. Laniado admits all patients regardless of Race, Color, Religion or economic status. The 500 bed, 45 department, 'state of the art hospital' is a worldwide leader in disaster management serving 400,000 Israeli citizens in the City of Netanya, Israel and surrounding communities. The hospital has over 75,000 emergency department visits with over 7,200 newborn deliveries annually. The hospital is currently developing 6 new protected departments utilizing high-cost steel and concrete to the specifications of the Israeli HomeFront Command: Birthing Center, Neonatal Unit, Orthopedic Department, Intensive Care, Emergency Department and Underground Hospital.

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