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On Tuesday December 17th 2013 from 12:20 p.m. to 3:15 p.m., Pace University Students taking the new Entrepreneurial Implementation course will formally present their business ventures to an external panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts and professional investors. Students were required to actually launch some aspect of a new business over the course of the Fall 2013 semester and will pitch their concepts and present an implementation plan and market validation report.

Bruce Bachenheimer, Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab and Clinical Professor of Management at Pace’s Lubin School of Business, will determine a grade for the assignment in consultation with the panel. A majority of the Panel must rate the student’s presentation ‘satisfactory’ in order to pass. All presentations will be approximately 10 – 15 minutes and panel members will be asked to provide students with open feedback and to privately provide the instructor with an overall assessment.

Event Location: 163 William Street Room 344, New York, NY 10038.

Check out some photos and highlights of last year's event here, and learn more about last year's Panel and Student Presenters.

About the Course

The Entrepreneurship Implementation practicum course is a unique experience for students who want to actively engage in the entrepreneurial start-up business process. This course is designed to offer students direct experience with entrepreneurship and exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset in a supportive environment. Class meetings are held in the Entrepreneurship Lab and will focus on understanding and evaluating the steps necessary in order to launch a new business venture. In addition to lectures, presentations and other interactions with the professor, students will work with entrepreneurs and practicing professionals in the field of entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurial Implementation course will include a mixture of formal lectures on key subjects, covering both theory and practice; a variety of guest speakers; focused workshops; individual hands-on mentoring; collaborative work on projects in the Entrepreneurship Lab; group discussions and peer review; as well as field trips to relevant sites and/or activities.

Students will gain a real understanding of what is required to actually launch a new venture and an appreciation of the genuine challenges faced in such an undertaking. The course takes a holistic approach by providing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, integrated, and experiential program where students have the opportunity to acquire critical knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Ultimately, it will provide an environment where students can safely experiment with their venture concept, allowing for both successes and failures without the consequences they would otherwise face in real world scenarios. By developing analytical skills and risk-management behaviors, students will be better equipped to successfully pursue sound entrepreneurial opportunities. This course is designed to enhance these critical competencies:

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity identification and analysis
  • Pro forma financial statement preparation
  • Project management procedures
  • The lean startup methodology
  • Market validation techniques
  • Structuring a new business entity
  • Deal negotiations and contract specifications
  • Guerilla marketing practices
  • Selling and sales management