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Women Entrepreneurs: Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same
How to grow your business by behaving like a girl

Anyone out there still think there’s no difference in the way men and women do business? Think again. A growing body of research into brain structure, sex hormones and neuroscience finds significant hardwired differences in the ways women and men not only start but also manage and operate businesses. Yet while the 21st century entrepreneur is now more likely to be a she than a he, and while multinationals from Goldman Sachs to Walmart are making big bets on the global She Economy, definitions of business success continue to default male. By now, women have “leaned in” so far trying to realize male benchmarks that they’re virtually bent double.

Besides the eye-opening research, Joanna will offer real-life examples of women owners around the country who are truly running their own show — and redefining success for themselves. If you want to launch or build a business, it’s critical to look into how sex-based behavior can inform or hamper your goals, strategy, decision-making, finances and performance. Today, it’s high time we rethink our notion of how women entrepreneurs walk, talk and think: Because being equal doesn’t mean being the same.

Key topics:

  • Why women really are intuitive and men really don’t have to ask for directions
  • The greatest strengths and worst weaknesses of female-owned companies
  • What women owners should learn about negotiations and sales

Joanna Krotz, Journalist and Commentator

Multimedia journalist and commentator, Joanna L. Krotz is host of The Woman’s Playbook platform and podcasts, a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of women’s entrepreneurship.

She has covered women’s changing terrain at online and print outlets such as MSN,, Town&Country and Money Magazine.

Krotz is the author of The Guide to Intelligent Giving: Make a Difference in the World and in Your Own Life; Making Philanthropy Count: How Women Are Changing the World; coauthor of The Microsoft Small Business Kit, a 500-page guide to entrepreneurship; and contributor to the just-published Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life.