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Come hear the BioGenCell leadership team talk about their entrepreneurial journey and advances in the Stem Cell Research

Event Date: September 16, 2014

Michael Frogel, MD,

Associate Professor of Pediatrics Albert Einstein College of Medicine Principal Investigator Pediatric Disaster Coalition New York City Director of Medical Affairs American Friends of Laniado Hospital Israel Consultant Disaster Preparedness, Stem Cell Research Laniado Hospital

Dr. Frogel's main areas of interest are pediatric emergency preparedness, child advocacy, sports medicine and weight management, and preventive pediatrics. Dr. Frogel is a recognized expert and researcher on the use of palivizumab to prevent lower respiratory tract infections due to respiratory syncitial virus (RSV) in high-risk infants and children.

Since 2008 he has served as Principal Investigator for the NY City Department of Health, US Health and Human Services, Pediatric Disaster Coalition Grant encompassing pediatric emergency preparedness for New York City with an emphasis on pediatric pre-hospital triage, transport and treatment, as well as intensive care surge capacity. The coalition actively participated in pediatric preparedness in response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and Haitian Earthquake. He frequently lectures on pediatric emergency preparedness in the United States and abroad. In Israel he has worked closely with the IDF Medical Core, Home Front Command and Ministry of Health during the past decade on Disaster Preparedness and Pediatric Drills. Dr. Frogel working with American Physicians Friends for Medicine in Israel ( coordinates a course in Israel on Emergency Preparedness for US and Canadian physicians. He also coordinates the Emergency Medical Volunteers Program for Israel. He has frequently visited Israeli cities under attack and has spearheaded campaigns to build shelters at schools and playgrounds.


Dr. Frogel is a frequent visitor to and participant in mass casualty training and drills at Laniado Hospital, Netanya, the site of numerous terrorists attacks. Laniado has an exemplary record in dealing with and preparing for both natural and manmade disasters. The Hospital is currently planning a new, state of the art; secure Emergency Department/Trauma Center and protected Underground Hospital. He is presently serving as a disaster medicine consultant to the hospital and is working on a revolutionary stem cell treatment for vascular diseases that promises to regenerate blood vessels restore tissue function and return patients from disability to full function. Dr. Frogel serves as Director of Medical Affairs for American Friends of Laniado Hospital.

Dr.Yael Porat,PhD,

CEO,Founder of Biogencell

Dr. Porat is a specialist in the biotechnology industry, having worked as an innovator, scientist, advisor and director forboth industry leaders and pioneering startups.Prior to founding BioGenCell, Dr. Porat served as CTO for TheraVitae, where she established the R&D and manufacturing departments and was responsible for the research, development and production of the company’s GMP-compliant adult stem cell-based products used for preclinical and clinical studies, as well as for routine treatment of patients.
Previously, Dr. Porat worked for the global R&D division of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (Nasdaq: TEVA) as Manager of the Biological Methods Development department where she lead multidisciplinary research teams in development of biological methods supporting pharmaceutical products development. Prior to Teva, she worked for XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (Nasdaq: XTLB) as a senior project manager and member of the project leaders forum in charge of the company’s strategic planning. Dr. Porat, an author of many scientific publications and patents, holds MA and PhD degrees in Immunology from the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.