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Alive Inside


The Alive Inside Mobile App is an application that provide older adults living in senior home with a “music listening list” based on their responses to a series of guided questions and their subsequent selection of songs, artists, and albums.  

The users will be able to sign in or sign up, and set up a music profile either for them or for a friend (grandfather, grandmother, friend, etc).

The secondary features of the app include sharing the listening list with others, on Facebook. The user’s profiles and the listening lists will be stored within the app and on a third-party database.

After the music profile is created, the “listening list” will be created and can be emailed to a friend, family, or posted on Facebook/twitter, etc.

The core part of the app will be the gathering of music-data and preview links and images as well as the accompanying databases. This app will rely on Internet connectivity for all of its functionality.

The app will be run on all the major platforms: Android, iPad, and iPhone. The images will be designed for the particular devices, making it friendly for all potential users out there. The app will feature a number of sections: the sign in/up page, the welcome page, the information page (name, photo and birthdate pages), the quick questions pages (which include a series of personal questions), the favorite questions pages (subsequent to the quick questions), the history pages (containing demographic information on the user) and finally the profile page (where the user can access their profile).

Since the elderly will mainly use the app, the app is designed for easy navigation: big characters (for the visual), less crowded pages (they might have less attention to too much information).



Keith Wright (Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems)

Keith Wright is a freshmen at Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems majoring in Computer Science on the Pleasantville Campus. He has been interested in and working with technology for many years with the goal of obtaining a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Keith is a full-time student and also works part-time in Pace University’s User Services where he does web and graphic design. He is an IEEE and an ACM member as well as being a registered member and developer with Microsoft Partners. In the past Keith has volunteered for local non-profit organizations performing web design and technology training and also working with international missions. Keith’s goal is to obtain his Master’s from Pace University and work at Google doing computer programming.


Martine Nezerwa (Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems)

Martine Nezerwa is a full time graduate student at Pace University Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems pursuing her MS degree in Telecommunications and Network systems. She is set to graduate in 2015. Since her childhood, she has been fascinated and interested in technology especially computer technologies with a dream of working for telecommunication companies like Cisco, IBM and Samsung Korea. Aside from being a full-time student, she is also a Graduate Assistant working with Information Technology and a student assistant at the Pace University English Language Institute. She is one of the co-founder of Rwandan’s for Water, a non-profit organization that drills water wells in rural areas in her home country of Rwanda. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and MS in telecommunication, Martine’s career goal is to work towards making Rwanda the technology hub of Africa.




Event Book is exciting new kind of social app. Traditional social apps encourage interaction with other people through smart phones and tablets. In essence, people using these apps are spending more time with their tech devices than they are socializing. The Event Book app wants to change that. The idea behind Event Book is to get people to be social in a healthier, natural and more fulfilling way by inviting one another to social events. Here is how it works. The first step is the administrators of a particular community must accept Event Book and provide e-mail addresses, names and pictures of their members. For example, If Pace University decides to participate in Event Book, everyone with a Pace University e-mail becomes connected and searchable by name, class, etc. in the app. Pace users will then be able to register their e-mail and begin using the app. Any user can create an event and easily search for and invite others in their community to attend their event. Only those who are invited can view the event. If a community member does not have the Event Book app, their invitation will be sent to their e-mail. The Event Book app has been designed to be fast and simple to use. There are no user profiles, or online chat between users. There are many benefits to Universities and Corporations to participate in Event Book, namely that when people come together in person, it creates a vibrant community filled with strong personal connections and it increases collaboration. In the case of Pace, it will create a better college experience for the students and it can be used to increase participation in events on campus.



Sabiya Bacchus (Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems)

My name is Sabiya Bacchus. I am junior in the Pforzheimer Honors program and my passion for creativity and technology has led me to change my major from political science to computer science.  I am very ambitious, each semester I take on a full course load of 18 credits. It is my hope to graduate in December of 2014. Aside from studying and coding, I am active on campus. I am the SGA Seidenberg president and the social media manager of the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.

My family thinks I'm a computer geek and my friends think I'm overly generous but the truth is I'm a novice programmer with a lot of energy and a big heart for helping others.


NoteTaker 1.0


Do you want to review a lecture in text? Do you have difficulty learning new languages? Are you tired of texting notes on your phone or tablet? Or you heard a song on the street but can’t remember the lyrics so you can't find the name of the song? If you have met one of the situations listed above, this app is perfect for you!


Note Taker 1.0 is an application that provides users sound to text transformation service. The main features are helping people transform sound into text such as transforming interview, lecture, speech and even song tracks into text so that users can utilize the feature to improve their work performance. The application can be used in various industries and by many certain people.


The idea came up when I was listening to a recording of an interview and trying to write down the whole conversation of it. However, I failed to write down all of it since I was not familiar with the topic, although the sound track was quite good. I spent a lot time on listening it repeat and repeat, and I also recalled that I saw some of my classmates record the lecture but after they left the classroom, they still couldn’t figure out what the professor said. Also, people can use this app to see a movie when it has no subtitles. All of these experiences motivated me to develop this idea.

The distinctive feature of this app is that it’s easy to record a lecture and transform the audio file to text so that you can review it in text. Moreover, users can back it up or share in Dropbox, iCloud and email so that you can review the lecture in text anywhere and anytime. The app is also great for deaf people if they want to “listen” to a lecture. Easy, comprehensive, visualized, real time and quick are the strengths of the app.

The app is great for:

1.      Language learners/ Song learner
2.      Business people
3.      Interviewers / interviewees
4.      Reporters
5.      Film production workers
6.      Court
7.      Deaf people

Other features: (Not showing in the images)

1.      Translator:Translate the text to other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and so on.
2.      Editing: Users can edit the text if they want
3.      Live Transform: Transform the sound to text immediately.
4.      Song Searching: For users who want to find a song they heard on the street or in a public space.
5.      Taking notes: For users who are tired of texting on the phone, they can just speak to the phone, then the app will transform it to text. It helps to take notes.



“Winston” Yen-Chi Hsu (Lubin School of Business)

Winston is a full time student who is pursuing an MBA in Marketing management at Pace University with an anticipated graduation in May 2015. He is the vice president of the Lubin Graduate Marketing Association. He also has a bachelors degree in computer science. After working for 4 years, he realized that marketing is the basis of all transactions, so he changed his career path to marketing management. In the future, he will look for working opportunities both in IT and the marketing industry.

Winston likes thinking and he has come up with many good business idea, and Note Taker 1.0 is one of his favorites since the app can help a lot of people to improve their job performance and life quality. In his free time, he likes watching movies, traveling and reading.




SetList is an application that allows college students all over the nation that cannot afford a job on their time schedule to make money on the side. Many colleges around the nation are situated in communities with families that need extra help once in a while. As college students we have a very busy schedule that some times does not allow us to have jobs that we need to show up to at least 3 to 4 times a week. If we don’t have the job we lack many needed funds for gas, books, etc. What SetList allows users to do is look for jobs around their school that families post in need for one-time jobs.

The sign up is fairly easy only asking for a name, email, and password, what school you attend and if you’re either a student or a family.  Once you have an account you get your very own personal profile and you are able to fill it out by posting your Resume, picture, and hobbies. SetList then has a page where Job postings such as Babysitter Wanted, Dog Walking, Lawn Mowing, Tutors, etc will be posted by families and allow students to apply. This is a feasible way for families to find a quick employee for the day and an easier way for college students to make money on a random day that they are free to do so.



Judy Acosta (Dyson College of Arts and Sciences)

My name is Judy Acosta and I am currently a full time senior majoring in Biological Psychology. In the past 4 years at Pace I’ve done many different things that broaden my likes besides my major. I am currently the President of WPAW, which is the radio station here on the Pleasantville campus; with WPAW I DJ different types of events on campus. I’ve always been interested in Photoshop, which I took the time to teach myself in the past year. I am currently in the process of learning how to code to broaden my horizons. I hope that one day I will be able to launch a fully functional application which led me to the design contest of the mobile app here at Pace.





The idea of ‘Skip the Queue’ mobile app came to me one day as I stood in line at Starbucks to get coffee just before my evening class. The line was long and I was getting late for class and had to decide between giving up my coffee and basically end up sleeping through class or miss the first 15-20 minutes of class. It was ‘The Great Dilemma’, so standing there in line, I thought, “…wouldn't it be great if I could order the coffee on my phone as I get out of the subway and by the time I walk into the school building, I can just pick it up and be on my way to class”. This idea grew and grew into what is described below.

So, the basic functionality of ‘SkipDQ’ is to be able to order on the go. It has the capability to identify participating store fronts in a given area either by zip code, address or your current location and list items available for sale with the shopping cart application. Once the sale is completed, the mobile app provides the time of pickup of the item. In most cases, it would be not more than 15-20 minutes. Depending on storefronts, the app has capability to provide delivery and pick-up scheduled for specific times as well. For items like coffee, during rush hour, when demand is high, a barcode shows on the mobile app when the coffee is ready. The customer has capability of walking over to the cashier to get the ordered item or self-serve by swiping the barcode into a machine that opens a secure rack where the purchased item is put. This eliminates any wait time in a queue.

The benefit does not only apply to the customer. Small storefronts that do not have resources to develop professional mobile apps can utilize this app and extend their reach to additional customers. Businesses list special discounts that would be available to customers at a click of button. For example, the smaller eating joints that are visited by Pace students regularly may list specials at special prices on a particular day. These items will show on the app menu only for the day it applies to. The customers thus have the capability to browse through the mobile app and make a decision for what to have for lunch. In this way the app also acts as a marketing tool for smaller storefronts.

Some storefronts run promotions like ‘buy five and get sixth free’ that requires a card to be punched to keep track of number of purchases. Customers may lose the card or forget to bring it along to be punched and are not able to fully utilize the promotion. Also, sometimes the customer may not visit a particular storefront if he forgot to bring the card. This results in loss to both customer and business. The mobile app has the capability to keep track of such promotions thus reducing such losses for users and businesses.

One cent per transaction that goes through this app is where the revenue is generated from. So no cost to the storefront and minimal cost to the customer for service provided. The businesses only need to invest in a basic system through which the orders are viewed and fulfilled. These features make this app an easy sale to the business at the same time providing great utility to the user.



Sukhmani Dhanoa (Lubin School of Business)

Sukhmani Dhanoa is a Graduate student at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University pursuing Masters in Accounting. She is a full time student and expects to graduate in 2014. She has worked as an Auditor for big names like Ernst and Young LLP and PSE&G. After starting a family back in 2009, she took a break from the job scene to spend time with her kids. Now, she wants to start her own business as an entrepreneur and is looking into ways to convert her ideas into real time ventures.