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Second Annual Pace Pitch Contest
Pitch Descriptions


Roy Allen
Adele Arkin
Peter Cao and Chandram Mookim
Jimmy Conde
Andrew Isaak
Rachel Klingberg
Raluca Pache
Medaline Philbert
Alex Salzman
Jigar Shah
Alan Siege
Dina C. Tate


Wade Cameron
Matthew Schmitt
Michael Staib
Yves Yakoubyan

Roy Allen - Airtight Cabinets (New Business Concept)
With a simple rubber rim and a metal latch, Airtight Kitchen Cabinets will transform a kitchen pantry unit into a tightly-sealed storage environment for non-refrigerated perishable food items, such as bread, crackers, potato chips, cereal, and cookies. These products are not generally sold with any kind of re-sealable opening, and they often go stale very quickly. And a standard cupboard door is not sufficient protection again insects, vermin, or curious household pets. Airtight Cabinets lock out air when the cupboard is closed, so that the quality and freshness of perishable food is preserved.

Adele Arkin – ScholarHouse Foundation (Social Venture)
Purpose: To create a not-for-profit social venture called the ScholarHouse Foundation. This foundation will raise awareness and secure charitable donations in order to provide rent-free housing to gifted NY students with financial need enabling them to attend and graduate college with less debt burden.

Mission: The ScholarHouse Foundation will enable gifted students throughout NY to attend college while residing in rent-free housing facilities and benefit from cost savings. Students will be able to pool their money to pay for food and utility expenses. Graduating with less debt burden will allow students to enhance their future goals and participate in community development missions thereafter.

In addition to providing rent-free housing, the ScholarHouse Foundation will provide educational and developmental opportunities. Students will learn and live together in a culturally diverse environment where they will build interpersonal and leadership skills, a support network, and respect for those with different backgrounds preparing them for the interdependent world.

This not-for-profit mission will be accomplished by securing private, public, and corporate donations as well as services and product support available throughout the state of NY.

Peter Cao and Chandram Mookim – C&M LLC (New Business Venture)
Cao & Mookim LLC is a United States based international firm that offers environmentally conscious investment opportunities. We are renewable energy project developers, who also conduct Emissions Credit trading and provide consultation services in this field.

C&M intends to construct a wind farm with a 28 megawatts capacity in Rajasthan, India. We will trade both Emissions Credits generated from our wind farm and 40 other renewable energy projects on the European Forward Market. The 40 renewable energy projects include wind, solar, land fill gas, waste to energy, biomass, and bio-diesel plants.

C&M's wind farm will have governmental support for electricity distribution in India, as this nation has an enormous electrical deficit. Indian laws further mandate the local government to purchase all electricity generated by renewable energy producers at a competitive price. Kyoto Protocol, an international convention with 156 participating nations ensures the demand for Emissions Credits. And the founders have successfully attracted over 30 EU and US Emissions Credit Buyers, ranging from reputable cement, petroleum, and steel companies to governmental funds. Hence, the founders can guarantee to achieve a 100% production to sales ratio.

Jimmy Conde - A Concept Business Phone (New Business Concept)
My concept has come about from a problem we all have come to encounter some time in our lives. Wanting to pay someone money but there is no ATM's to be found. No cash no exchange is the problem.

The ability to exchange money electronically is the concept. The concept is based on a one on one economic interaction with no paper exchange. A phone, a debit card or credit card are all the ingredients needed.

If I was a merchant, sales associate, CEO, or just a regular person I think I would find a million other uses for this new concept.

The concept is a phone that has the ability to electronically scan a credit card/ debit card allowing the owner of the phone to charge or credit who's ever account is desired. The owner of the phone would have to register their checking and/or savings account to the phone to electronically transfer money to and from. A walking ATM placed on a phone plus more. Direct deposit will show up with in seconds of transfer's on your phone. Pay bills instantly no late charge, the world in your command.

These are some of the applications:

  • The phone can charge someone money.
  • The phone would be able to credit money to any debit card or credit card.
  • The phone would be linked to a bank's web site in order to manage all transaction record and account.
  • The phone would be able to log in to the account and provide ATM quality information.
  • The phone would be able to fund BLANK debit or credit cards.
  • The phone would have to have security passwords and plus in order to access account.
  • A bank or phone company can manage deposits depending on who will charge interest on sales, if any.
  • The phone can be equipped to be used as an ExxonMobil pass.
  • The phone can but doesn't need to; print receipts.

Andrew Isaak - Green Home Products (New Business Concept)
Green Home Products will sell renewable energy products and services in a unique green-house atmosphere to individuals, households, and small businesses in Berlin. Customers enter a specially designed store with plants and soothing nature music, immersing visitors in a truly natural environment. Interactive solar and wind power showcases will entertain kids and demonstrate how to save on electricity while helping the environment. Revenues will come from consulting, installation and support fees, and from resale of renewable energy home products.

Rachel Klingberg – Not Dawgs (New Business Venture)
There are thousands of pushcarts in New York City, but very few cater to the city's 360,000 vegetarians, who are about 4.5% of the population. Shish kebabs, hot dogs, chicken, and other meat products are the bulk of street cart fare. Not Dawgs—The Vegetarian Hot Dog Cart will provide a tasty alternative not only for vegetarians, but for the 4.56 million New Yorkers who sometimes, often, or always order vegetarian items when dining out. Given a choice between an high-fat, highly processed, artificially flavored hot dog of questionable origin, and a healthy, all-natural, low-cholesterol meat-free version that is just as tasty, I anticipate that nearly half of all New York City would give Not Dawgs a try, and many of them would become repeat customers.

Raluca Pache – Romania Brand (Social Venture)
Romania is expected to join the EU in 2007, and huge business opportunities lie ahead for the Romanian companies. However, there are serious concerns among the Romanian companies that the international perception of Romanian realities, a vital factor for development, was heavily distorted, and this will negatively impact the business environment.

To address these concerns, our non-profit, non governmental youth association initiated “Romania the Brand" project to promote the Romanian values. The primary goal our project is to help Romanian companies explore the new business opportunities, by projecting a positive image of Romania's values and culture outside its borders, and by creating and promoting the Brand of Romania.

The long-term vision is to build a brand for Romania that will clearly differentiate Romania in the European marketplace and restore trust of the European investors in the Romanian economy's potential. It aims to achieve this by organizing various activities and providing integrated marketing programs and events that serve raising awareness on the Romanian positive values.

We are pitching to companies to ask for funding for our initiatives, as we believe our project “Romania the Brand" will increase awareness, sales and impact for the Romanian business community.

Medaline Philbert – Child Safety (New Business Concept)
Child Safety makes it impossible for a parent to forget a child in a vehicle. Once the unit, an extension buckle with sensors that include GPS, is clipped into the child's car seat, it activates the receivers on the parent(s) and babysitter key rings. When the driver is three feet out of range, a beeping sound or vibration (for users who are deaf) is triggered and is deactivated only when the child's car seat is unbuckled. If the child is not attended to in three minutes, the second parent will be alerted. Within two minutes, the second parent calls the first parent to ensure that the child is safe, and in the event that the first parent is unconscious, the second parent calls 911 and provides the location. Time is essential because it takes fifteen minutes for a child to succumb to heat in a car that can reach levels of over 100 degrees.

Alex Salzman - Blue Horizon Media (Social Venture)
Brand corporations using traditional advertising techniques are struggling to connect with sought after Generation Y- those born between 1977 and 1994). Brands competing for this target, face a declining return on investment in traditional advertising, as the audience is increasingly avoiding the brand 'noise.'

In response to this crisis, Blue Horizon Media (BHM), Inc. enters the advertising market offering viral cause marketing.

BHM leverages social causes as a meeting ground for non-profit organizations and forprofit clients, and promotes their united support for the cause via an internet-based campaign. The result is audience awareness, support, and involvement of the cause, and brand recognition for the demonstrated social commitment of the non-for profit organization, and a for-profit corporation.

BHM remodels advertising from something intrusive, and costly to society, to something received voluntarily, and supported passionately. The result: BHM's campaign impressions are of significantly higher value than those delivered via traditional campaigns. Coupled with the ability to slash distribution costs using its proprietary 'seeding' network and free publicity, BHM is able to undercut its competitors, achieve higher margins, deliver a superior product, all while generating further awareness, involvement and financial support for the promoted causes.

Jigar Shah – Commodities Brokerage House in India (New Business Concept)
Can you think of any day when you can live without oil, food (Agriculture Commodities)? That's the concept of my business plan, Commodities Brokerage House in India.

In India, Regulated organized commodities trading (Opening of two national Commodities Exchanges) started just two years before. Indian manufacturers had never given sincere attention to hedging of their supply prices through commodities, which I consider as a big opportunity. As recent commodities prices shows that commodities demand will increase in India. The second big opportunity I see in unorganized Indian Agriculture markets, I want to place brokerage house terminals through franchisee concept, in big centers of agriculture trading. As this field is still developing, there are no big players or no investment bank have substantial presence in this market.

The major source of income will be brokerage income from retail traders and agriculture commodity clients, franchisee fees and hedging commodities consulting fees from corporate clients. The Initial Investment will mainly comprise of Commodities Exchange's membership and other incorporation fees, set up cost for rented office in Ahmedabad (A mega city), development of Technology software and in development of good research and marketing manpower. I see break even point after two years of start ups and according to detailed calculation of income, the annual return will be 35% to 50% depending on profit sharing scheme with exit option after 5 years.

Alan Siege – Stories With An Edge (New Business Concept)
Storytelling occurs in many settings, situations and venues; all for vastly different purposes. Using my experience as a business consultant and training as a storyteller, I am developing a company that utilizes a new application of storytelling - Competitive Advantage: Stories With An Edge. When fully operational, it will be a communications company that uses the transforming power of storytelling to help businesses benefit from the strategies used by successful entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams, and teach entrepreneurs and teachers of entrepreneurship different business skills, models and approaches to solving different kinds of business problems. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE plans to offer a variety of low-cost CDs and corresponding self-help guides that will be accessible, practical and entertaining. In creating stories based on the real-life experiences of business owners, COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE will also provide role models and examples of “best practices" in a range of industries. By hearing how others have addressed significant business issues, the stories can also help listeners better define their values and principles. The premise behind COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE is that, in spite of all the books, lectures, and articles crafted and designed to aid the entrepreneur, the power of the story to motivate, inspire and teach is second to none.

Dina Tate - LLC (New Business Concept)
Dina C. Tate is the Founder and President of LLC. The goal of the website is to provide a resource for African- American engaged couples who want to plan and create an African-themed wedding. provides African bridal gowns, wedding planning tools and wedding accessories to perform “Jumping the Broom" Ceremony. A wedding tradition that dates back to slavery. Our website will help you “Celebrate your Heritage in Style".


Wade Cameron - The Voice of Urban Caribbean Music (New Business Concept)
Bringing the voice of Urban Caribbean culture to the mainstream audience. Reggae dancehall and reggaeton are the fastest growing music genre in America today. There are currently no magazines devoted to these two areas combined, only magazines focused solely on reggae. We believe there is tremendous room for growth in the area of caribbean music, it hasn't come close to touching the surface.

Reggae dancehall and reggaeton are sweeping America, and the popularity is even larger in other nations such as: the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Portugal, France, and other neighboring countries. Therefore leaving room for explosive growth in other media related fields and brand extensions.

With eye-catching graphics and light-hearted but strong editorial we provide insight to the sounds that these entertainers project to the world. Our insightful approach on Caribbean lifestyle, history and culture give readers vast knowledge and understanding on the many dynamics of music trends, and its attractive personalities.

The leader in facilitating the crossover appeal of reggae dancehall, and reggaeton by educating and having continual involvement within the community. Through our editorials and new media creations we will provide insight to the sounds that these entertainers project to the world. Our insightful approach on Caribbean lifestyle, history and culture give readers' vast knowledge and understanding on the many dynamics of music trends, and its attractive personalities.

Matthew Schmitt – Agricultural Cooperative (Social Venture)
My business proposal is for an agricultural cooperative that aids small farms on Long Island and has the potential of spreading through the entire northeast. The cooperative needs five small farms to begin and will have the ability to expand to other small farms after it becomes established. The cooperative will be a distribution center for small farms that provides the technology and services needed to penetrate into new markets. The services it will provide are shipping, refrigeration, and ice packing of all the produce; the technology it will provide is the vacuum cooling of the produce. A vacuum cooler is a cooling mechanism that sucks all the heat out of the produce and cools it down to the ideal temperature. The services and technology the cooperative will provide increase the shelf life of the produce, freshness, quality, demand, and selling price adding to small farmers' bottom line and creating a service for small farms to once again become sustainable and scalable. The business will focus on creating value in local produce and fulfill the ultimate needs and wants of both the customer and small farmer.

Michael Staib - The Pace Perk (New Business Concept)
Currently, The Pace Perk characterizes a casual social lounge where students gather for leisure, recreation, and relaxation. Here, musicians entertain, coordinating their arrangements, exclusively for recreational purposes. However, students seem phlegmatic about its monotonous ambiance. For example, one student complained that, “nothing interesting ever occurs on campus," to reference the general apathy reflected socially among its residents. Nevertheless, students unanimously express their concerns for change, and adamantly believe in the unprecedented potential of a socially interactive atmosphere directed toward common interests. The Pace Perk provides such an outlet.

Our organization, P.A.C.E., Pace's Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs, aspires to transform The Pace Perk into a blossoming non- profit enterprise, facilitating job opportunities for its entertainers, along with creating restaurant service vends, that cater an assortment of available food and refreshments. In addition, P.A.C.E. intends to incorporate other valuable technological resources, such as the promotion of large plasma TVs, Xboxes, and Playstations. Furthermore, P.A.C.E. welcomes general audiences to savor the cyber café experience, which include lively entertainment, and participation in P.A.C.E. sponsored events, such as game competitions that possibly promote scholarship awards for its winners. Moreover, this serves not only to enliven its students, but rather generate attention, in proliferating student retention, as people derive a taste of the impeccable, academic opportunity Pace University advocates. Therefore, The Pace Perk revitalizes Pace University institutionally, since it establishes the quintessential learning environment that individuals desire for their higher educational pursuits.

Yves Yakoubyan – iTV (New Business Concept)
iTV is the next era in product placement during TV broadcasts. iTV is a premium service you add to you current cable subscription. Once you subscribe you get a new remote control with a built-in joystick. You then use this joystick to select items during your favorite TV show. You can click on the dress the actress is wearing, the couch in the living-room, a lamp, a vase, plates...

Once you click, a small transparent pop-up window comes out in the corner of you screen, and give you details about the item; the brand, the price, the dimension, suggested retail stores, and the manufacturer website address. If you do not wish to be disturbed by the pop- up window during your viewing, you can set the service so that the information on clicked items are saved to be reviewed at any other time.

The service will be first available on selected networks (HBO, and the WB) during hit TV shows and movies only, before widening the offer to other networks. Tremendous growth opportunities include direct link to retailers' website for instant product ordering, the construction of a database on who clicks on what, and much more. I hope you are now intrigued to learn more about our exciting product and will give us a chance to expose our strategic plan. You will find attached a visual explanation of the service, as well as a short extract from our strategic plan.