Pace Lubin


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Associate Director Nikhil Kalyankar, Entrepreneurship Lab, makes his opening remarks for the Pace Mobile App Design Contest 4.0/Hackathon.

Haik Sahakian, Adjunct Professor, Pace University, gives a presentation on the current state of mobile apps.

Christelle Scharff, Associate Professor, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, educates students on various design principles, and lays out the rules for the competition.

Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Lab, makes introductory remarks at the event.

The competition begins and students are hard at work.

Team Travelo created a new travelling app for the competition.

Dean Neil Braun, Lubin School of Business, visited the lab for the event.

Travelo (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer, Jigar Mehta, Dhruvil Gandhi, Harpreet Wasan, Christelle Scharff, Nikhil Kalyankar, and Virali Jhaveri won the Third Place prize.

Fetch Date (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer, Wei Xia, Andrew Greenberg, Frank Hancock, Fabian Patino, Christelle Scharff, and Nikhil Kalyankar won Second Place in the competition.

Helpteer won the First Place prize. (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer,  Alexa McKenna, Ian Carvalho, Cristelle Scharff, and Nikhil Kalyankar.