Pace Lubin



Eco-Fusion is at the forefront of a new class of medicine called digital therapeutics, which is poised to have a dramatic effect on health care at the scale of chemical drugs.  Digital Therapeutics consist of drugs in digital form whose active ingredients are behavior change modifications related to specific health domains. Quoting a recent Forbes article: “In ten years, we have no doubt that your doctor will recommend a digital program for your depression, diabetes and hypertension either instead of, or in addition to, a pill”. The company's first award winning product, Mentally™, measures & treats  stress, and it will be followed by  NewMe™, a platform to prevent & treat  diabetes, obesity & cardio-vascular diseases. Our vision is to transform healthcare by bringing cutting-edge medicine to every smartphone.

Abraham Carmeli, CEO

Mr. Carmeli is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder & chairman of Viasci, a private equity investment fund focused on disruptive technology companies. In 1991 Mr. Carmeli co-founded Saga, Inc. a software company, which introduced an award-winning suite of applications for the legal market, with clients in the U.S. Canada & Australia. 

In 2011, Saga, which he led as the CEO, was acquired by Client Profiles. He is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Israel and the U.S., and has a Master's degree in Law (LL.M.) from Columbia University. He is also a former Captain at the IDF.