Pace Lubin


Hargol FoodTech is world’s first commercial grasshopper farmer. Hargol uses technology to grow large quantities of grasshoppers in captivity to provide the most efficient protein source nature can provide. Hargol FoodTech’s optimized methods and technology enable growing several species of grasshoppers quickly and under sanitary conditions for a reliable, sustainable, and quality protein source. The line of products will include grasshopper protein powder, food additives and pet food.

The Hargol FoodTech difference includes; Year-round production – as opposed to limited seasons in the wild – for an ongoing, large supply to meet growing demand, superior nutrient content – over 72% protein, all essential amino acids, lipids, Iron, zinc, chitin, Zero waste – all materials converted into products, efficient growth & production methods – saves resources, creates high margins and neutral in taste and flavor & minimal processing – high quality ingredient.