Pace Lubin




Kevin Dierks, Research Scholar - Mobile UX, Pace University

Kevin Dierks is a German graduate student currently conducting research in the field of mobile user experience at Pace University, in New York. He often collaborates with well-known European companies like Daimler AG and the Fraunhofer Institute on special projects for the web, mobile and desktop platforms. He carries with him years of international consulting experience, and a passion for product development, software engineering and user-centered design. An avid traveler, musician and technology buff, Kevin is spending his time in New York looking for innovative ways to use technology to solve digital problems and enhance lives.



James Quick, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

James Quick graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in Computer Science and Spanish.  Upon graduation, he joined Microsoft as the Technical Evangelist in South Florida.  He was worked with various Meetup groups, organizations, and schools providing professional development training for Miami Dade High Schools as well as college professions, leading numerous talks and workshops in the community, and speaking at local events such as ITPalooza and South Florida Code Camp.  He recently joined the team in New York City and is eager to immerse himself into a new community.



Daniel Shaffer, Founder & CEO, Piximity

Daniel Shaffer is a senior at Pace University. In 2008, he started Redwheel Apps, an iPhone application company, launching his first app the day the store launched. 6 years later, he has accumulated over 1.5 million downloads, with two apps reaching #5 on top free and top paid.

Besides running his own company, he spent two years interning at UBS, making mobile software for the executive team, and recently spent a summer at The New York Times, where he worked on the main news reader app and created a new app. Currently, he is the CEO of Piximity, an anonymous location-based picture feed. In addition to software, Daniel is an avid drummer and stock market investor.




Haik Sahakian, Adjunct Professor, Pace University

Haik Sahakian has created mobile apps and sites for Morgan Stanley and Fidelity Investments. He is currently Director of Fidelity's UX Development team in Jersey City. Haik is an Adjunct Professor at Pace University, teaching CS 641 Mobile Web Development, which focuses on responsive web design, mobile graphics, and JavaScript-based mobile app development.