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Associate Director Nikhil Kalyankar, Entrepreneurship Lab, makes his opening remarks for the Pace Mobile App Design Contest 5.0/Hackathon.

Christelle Scharff, Associate Professor, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, educates students on various design principles, and lays out the rules for the competition.

Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Lab, makes introductory remarks at the event.

The competition begins and students are hard at work.

Project presentation: Escapade

Project presentation: Look at U

Project presentation: Give 2 Get

Project presentation: Touch Donation

Give 2 Get (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer, Aniket Dharmik (Seidenberg), Summet Gujaran (Lubin), Rachel McCauley (Lubin), Rachel Engelberg (Lubin), Christelle Scharff and Nikhil Kalyankar won Third Place in the competition.

Look at U (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer, Fang Shen (Lubin), Mohitosh Mondal (Seidenberg), Victor Vargas (Seidenberg), Christelle Scharff and Nikhil Kalyankar won Second Place in the competition.

Touch Donation (from left) Bruce Bachenheimer, Phuc Pham (Seidenberg), Samuel Mann (Lubin), Syman Li (Lubin), Thanh Do (Lubin), Christelle Scharff and Nikhil Kalyankar won First Place in the competition.