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Pace Pitch Contest

The Pace Pitch Contest is based on the Elevator Pitch concept, popular in the venture capital community. It is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and financial plan, which is delivered to potential investors. The premise is that it could be made in a few minutes, should the entrepreneur spot a potential investor on an elevator and have the opportunity to pitch their idea during the brief ride.

Each Finalist will have exactly three minutes to pitch their new venture idea to a distinguished panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience. In addition to broad participation at Pace, we have been pleased to welcome student competitors from a number of other universities, including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, and Stanford.

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable

The Annual Entrepreneurs Roundtable is an academic discussion hosted by the eLab that invites Pace entrepreneurs to speak with students about their startups. Students are given the chance to hear from entrepreneurs in different industries and in various stages of their businesses. Speakers often share experiences, challenges, and issues in their startups, while providing helpful advice to students aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Additionally, students engage in a Q&A with speakers followed by an opportunity to network with them. The Annual Entrepreneurs Roundtable is held in the Aniello Bianco Room at One Place Plaza in New York City.

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Pace Business Plan Competition

The Pace University Business Plan Competition is held to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among students, promote practical business skills, and encourage the creation of new ventures. Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at Pace, as well as recent Pace alumni (those who have graduated within the past two years), are encouraged to submit an original Business Plan each spring semester. Plans may be submitted for commercial businesses as well as social ventures

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Pace Mobile App Design Contest

Create a concept for a mobile app that demonstrates innovative design in helping meet user needs. Submit a full app design using any tool (Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher) or language (HTML, CSS and Javascript). We will also accept screenshots from mobile emulators

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Entrepreneurship Networking Event

The annual Entrepreneurship Networking Event is an opportunity for students to network with fellow students who are excited about entrepreneurship. Those interested in exploring or developing their own business will be able share ideas and expertise in an informal setting.

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