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Information Session on Student Managed Businesses

On Monday, March 11th 2013 from 12:20 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
at the Entrepreneurship Lab, Pace University, 163 William Street Room 344

The Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab) invites students to share ideas and learn more about how to a start student managed business at Pace University.

What is a student managed business?
Students manage and operate a Pace University business. The business is responsible to purchase its own equipment, pay for its own expenses, and provide payroll for all employees and co-managers.  The business is expected to generate sufficient income to cover all costs and help insure long-term sustainability. Generally, student-managed businesses provide a product or service that benefits the University community.

Pace's first student managed business: The Pace Perk Café on the Briarcliff Campus


Open to all Pace students